The meaning of Biryani in Pakistani Kitchen,,,Guest post

Today I am going to publish a guest post about Biryani.As everybody knows it is a favourite meal of every Pakistani family.Biryani and Pakistani foods are directly linked. No Pakistani feast is complete without its presence. It is basically a South Indian dish but it became a smashing hit in Pakistan for people here are crazy about it. It is made from rice and meat of any type. Biryani took many forms and shapes and even recipe variations here such as Beef biryani, Bombay biryani,Egg biryani,vegetable biryani,Mutton Biryani, Sindhi BIryani, Tikka Biryani, aalo Biryani etc.

Here is an article about biryani  by Chef Jason Galletti from Melbourne.I am glad that he took the interest in writing about our Pakistani cuisine  .I hope the readers will like it.

About the author::

Chef Jason Galletti’s passion for exceptional and unique catering experiences inspired him to bring together G`Day Chef to life in 2005. For over ten years now, Jason and his team have provided catering and event services in Melbourne that use the very best Victorian Produce, delivered with consideration of the newest and most delicious culinary trends.

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The Meaning of Biryani in Pakistani Kitchens

Biryani is one of those dishes that’s hard not to love. The delicious, fragrant rice cooked with meat and regional spices makes it a hit at any table it’s served.
It is perhaps the most popular dish in South Asian cuisine, including India and Pakistan. In fact, many consider it the dish that best identifies Pakistani cuisine.
Because of the ingredients (rice, meat, and spices), the dish has been adapted in many ways depending on the region you are in. It is also similar in concept to rice pilaf, although the cooking methods and spices are quite different, as biryani is often much more complex and spiced.
A brief history of biryani

The history of biryani is a complex issue, as is often the case with food that is exchanged between cultures. The basic parts of biryani are the rice, ghee (a type of clarified butter), meat and spices are common ingredients in cultures throughout Asia and the world.
For that reason, almost everyone in the region can and does claim credit for creating biryani as we know it, or the dish that biryani involved from.
One popular record of a dish in Tamil Nadu in southern India is known as Oon Soru, and it is very close in the ingredients and preparation of biryani. It is made from ghee, rice, spices and meat and goes back all the way to AD 2. It was created to literally feed an army.
Other references state that the nomads in the region of Pakistan/India would boil basic rice and meat in basic spices of salt and herbs in an earthen pot. They would then bury the pot in embers and dig it out after a few hours.
There’s also the strong belief that it was brought by the Mughals and has a Persian origin (seeing as the word biryani is rooted in the Farsi language).Whatever the exact nature of the history of biryani is, for Pakistani cuisine, it is now a necessity for most of the population.
Biryani in Pakistani kitchens

The flavor profile of biryani in Pakistani kitchens is different depending on the region that you are in. As was mentioned before, biryani often adapts to the region that’s making it, which is why you find so many varieties across India and Pakistan.
In fact, the dish is so popular that you’ll find lots of varieties outside of the Asian subcontinent, such as in Burma, the Arab nations, Iran, and Indonesia.
In Pakistan, there are two very popular biryani varieties.
Sindhi biryani

The most popular variety of biryani in Pakistan comes from the Sindh province. It has an exotic and aromatic flavor profile and can be quite spicy.
The dish is extremely popular in Pakistani and Sindhu cuisine and is often more complex than other types of biryani. It has up to 24 ingredients and presents a deliciously complex flavor.
The meat is most often mutton, chicken, fish or shrimp, and potatoes and tomatoes are cooked with basmati rice and lots of spices.
It is so popular that Sindhi biryani is almost always served on all flights on Pakistan International Airlines.
Bohri biryani

This type of biryani is also a delicious variety of biryani loved by Pakistanis. It is made by the Dawoodi Bohra community .
This type of biryani is definitely less spicy than the Sindhi biryani, as green chilies are used instead of red chilies. The other difference is that it uses whole garam masala (a mix of spices) instead of grounded garam masala for its aroma.
Because of its less spicy nature, it is loved especially by children and senior adults. It is wonderfully juicy and brings the variety of flavors that biryani is known for without too much heat. 

Summing up:::

One of the reasons that biryani is so popular in Pakistani cuisine can be summarized in a few ideas.
First of all—it’s practical. It can feed a lot of people and can be made with a variety of meats and vegetables. Therefore, if you have just the basic ingredients, you can have a fantastic dish.
Besides that, it is also just delicious. The biryani requires patience and a good knowledge of a balance of spices. Certainly, there are many biryanis which do not meet the standards because the cooks may not have the patience or balance of flavors to really make the dish shine.
In that way, many families in the region often compete about whom has the best biryani. Nonetheless, the dish is a hit at any large gathering, and an event without biryani is like a body without a soul.


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