zafrani siwayan


Zafrani siwayaan

(Saffron vermicelli)


 Vermicelli 100 g

milk 1 n1/2 cup

sugar 3/4 cup

(Ghee)clarified butter 2 tbsp

khoya  4 tbsp

Green cardamom 2

Saffron 1/4 tsp

almonds and pistachios 


 Boil milk with sugar ;saffron;and

Cardamom on low flame.

In a frying pan heat ghee on low flame and fry vermicelli till golden brown and add khoya.

Now pour milk mixture in frying pan and cover the lid for 10 minutes and turn off the flame.Open the lid after 10 minutes and take out vermicelli in a serving dish. Decorate with khoya and nuts.If saffron is not available u can make with yellow food colour.



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