Fried Beef Balls

Fried Beef Balls
Beef mince 1 kg
Small Onion 1
Ginger 1 medium piece
Garlic paste 1 tbsp
Raw papaya paste or meat tenderiser 1 tsp 
Chopped Fresh coriander ¼ bunch
Green chilies 6
Crushed black pepper 1tbsp
Salt 2 tsp
Roasted coriander powder 1 tsp
Red chilli powder 2 tsp
Oil 2 tbsp

Chop all above ingredients except oil and coriander leaves in a chopper ideally 4-5 minutes.leave them to marinate for 4 hours.Then Add coriander leaves.
Apply oil on hands. Make balls of minced beef mixture.Keep them in freezer for 2 hours.

Now beat 2 eggs and take bread crumbs in a plate.Dip frozen beef balls in egg and then coat with bread crumbs.Again keep them in freezer for 1 hour ….Now deep fry the balls till golden…

.Serve with ketchup or sauces.


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