How to keep children busy without screen

How to keep your children busy without any Screen like Tv,laptop,I Pad,Mobile phones…

To reduce the screen time you should Switch off the TV and any screen when you are alone with kids,or when you have guests in your house,or when you are having lunch or dinner.

I realize that many moms use the television or computer to babysit their children while they do important things like take a shower or make dinner. I’ve been there, done that. Sometimes, especially with active little ones, television seems to be the only thing to keep them mesmerized while you get something done. I would encourage you to involve your kids, even the little ones, in your meal prep. They can help set the table, mix food together, and do other small jobs. Something I would do with one particularly active child was to fill up the kitchen sink with water and bubbles and let him play with a few of his toys in the water while I made dinner. He made a mess, but it was easy to clean up and he stayed occupied and in my line of sight.

Toddlers moms put the kids in their room or cribs with a few safe toys and then leave them alone. They even put on “room time” music. This let their children know it wasn’t nap time, just time for them to stay in their rooms and play by themselves. When they got a bit older we would sometimes put on an audio book for them to listen to while they played in their room. The key to this technique is to make sure the rooms are kid friendly. If there are things your child could get hurt on in their room this is not a good idea. I found that if we started this when they were young (a few months old) by the time they were three or four years old they really enjoyed their room time. Usually we have special toys that only come out during room time as well.

Turning off the television definitely takes extra effort on the part of the parent. It means getting organized and planning activities to keep your kids busy throughout the day. As with everything in life the best things are usually the hardest things. It might be hard to limit the television at first, but you will definitely reap the rewards.

Outdoor activities

Go outside. Go to play land.,There are so many things to do outside with your kids, sidewalk chalk, play catch,cycling,excercise,walk, hike, explore, go to the park, look for bugs, sandbox, water table, sprinkler…

Enjoy with Pets

Keep a pet in your house.Kids like to spend time with pets and take care of them.


Involve your kids in gardening activities.

Indoor games

 there are many inside activities to replace television. Play a board game, or indoor game,read a book, get out the puzzles, build with blocks or legos, play dolls. Have an indoor picnic, or tea party.

Art and Craft work

Crafts are also fun. Take a risk and get out the play dough. Even better make your own play dough. Stickers, colored pencils, construction paper and scissors (if they are old enough) can keep kids busy for hours. You can even use old shoe boxes to create miniature scenes from their favorite book.

My case………….

One way I am able to fit in bloggong, writing emails, and other household admin tasks is to work along side my kids. I have two daughters ,they have only one hour for any screen…I keep them busy during vacations in reading books ,art and craft work,embroidery,sewing,painting and for sure cooking.they enjoy to help me in baking and they can easily make kids friendly recipes…..


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