An Interview with my favourite Food blogger Zainab Dokrat

An Interview with my favourite blogger Zainab Dokrat who own an awesome food blog SpicyFusionKitchen and she also own another blog beauty with Zainy…. As everybody knows Me Afreen Zia is a fan of making good and new dishes.I also love the fusion cooking so I like to explore her food blog..

Let’s meet the girl behind the blog…..

1:::Assalam o alaikum Zainab…Tell us about you and your blog? 

Salams My name is Zainab Dokrat and I’m 22 this June Insha-Allah. Alhamdulillah I own two blogs; Spicy Fusion Kitchen and Beauty with Zainy. I’m from Botswana, a country in Southern Africa and I’m studying child psychology. 

2::Why and when did you start blogging? 

I started blogging in 2014 and my first blog being Spicy Fusion Kitchen. I started Beauty with Zainy this year (2016). I started blogging to keep myself busy, it was something I wanted to give a shot, it was also a time in my life where I was studying at home so I was incredibly bored most of the time and I thought blogging would be a good way to spend my time and make a name for myself. 
3::Tell us about the layout and design of your blog? 

For both my blogs I wanted it simple, clean and crisp. I didn’t want to have it overload with colours, logos and have way to much going on. It took some-time to find the perfect layout and design but Alhamdulillah with some help I did, it is constantly changing though. For Spicy Fusion Kitchen my logo and banners were made by “Simply Vanessa” and for Beauty with Zainy I gave it a shot myself and designed my own logo and banner. 

4::Do you have any relation to Pakistan? 

Haha not really, I do have quite a large following from Pakistan Alhamdulillah but no, my roots are actually from India. Yes I was born in Botswana and even though both my parents generations are from South Africa (mum’s side) and England (dad’s side).
5::Discus about your photography skills? 

I’m always trying to improve my skills, if you look at my very first posts on my food blog my pictures were not so wow. I’m trying to save up for a camera, at the moment I use my sisters. When I started my beauty blog I realized I couldn’t get away with taking pictures using my phone, I had to use the camera. With food it’s difficult especially since my family is huge and everyone wants to dig in. As time passes my skills get better Insha-Allah, lighting is key though it can make or break your picture.
6::Your Hobbies ?

I love to read crime novels and even watching criminal tv shows, I’m into makeup so I play around a lot with that, I love animals so the cat lady in me comes out when I’m bored. At the moment I haven’t had much time for hobbies due to me working so hard all day everyday; studying and running two blogs especially with one being so new does take a lot of time and by the end of the night I’m lucky if I get a few minutes to read a novel and be away from the screen. 
7::your favourite cuisine?

I’m an Asian by heart so I love my spicy food! I love spicy kebabs with spaghetti, like the spicy twist on Italian cuisine.  
8::How much time do you spare for your blogging ?

This is terrible of me but I need to learn to prioritise my time so nothing in my life slacks. I do tend to focus on one more than the other. I do think I send a few hours in the afternoon just publishing or marketing the posts, but most of my weekends are spent drafting drafting drafting! 
9::what aspect of blogging do you like most ?

I like when I’m in the zone and I’m typing away, I enjoy that the most. I really do enjoy blogging almost every part of it from typing, to editing, to publishing to seeing what the response it, it all makes me happy.
10::which aspect of blogging do you feel bad  ?

I actually hate the technical part of blogging; codes, templates etc. I’m terrible at all that, even setting up the blog was a mission for me. I’m lucky I had help Alhamdulillah so no major disaster just yet haha.

11::Do you think of blogging as a hobby or a career ?

At the moment it’s just a hobby, but Insha-Allah I hope it does turn into a career in the near future. 
12::what was Your family response when you start your blog?

At first they had no idea, I’m a private person when new adventures or projects I try till they begin to pan out. They actually really took it serious when I won the “Most Inspirational Blog” By Muslimah Bloggers in 2015. Now they’re excited which makes me happy, they do want me to make it a business or keep trying to collab with companies, Insha-Allah in future.

13::Your favourite posts of your blogs?

These are my favourite posts…


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  1. Shagufta Ahsan says:

    Very nice interview..i m sure Zainab dukrat u also like biryani is the most demanding dish of asian foods..good to know ur hobbies ….plz share ur dishes with us that u made..


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