An Interview with my favourite blogger Hina Nafe

Hina Nafe was born in Pakistan and now working in New Zealand.She enjoys blogging at’s meet the girl behind the blog..

Assalam o alaikum Hina…
1:::Tell us about yourself ?

Walaikum as  salaam ,,,,I was born and brought up in Pakistan and am currently living and working in New Zealand..

2::Why and when did you start blogging?

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. Besides accounting and numbers, I enjoy writing.

I started writing when I was in school however it wasnt until recently when I was on maternity leaves that I turned this passion into blogging:
3::Tell us about the layout and design of your blog?

Fantastic travel destination, scrumptious food, latest lifestyle brand, some parenting tips and ofcourse a little of my ramblings is what my blog is about…

4::Do you have any relation to Pakistan?

Yes like I mentioned, I was born and brought up in Pakistan .
5::Discus about your photography skills?

Have enjoyed photography since school days. My skills arent exceptional just reasonably good as every other person today
6::Your Hobbies?

With an infant and house to manage…not took many hobbies. But I definitely enjoy writing.
7::your favourite cuisine?

Ummm…cant name one. But I do miss Pakistani food here in New Zealand. Would you believe there isnt a single paksitani restaurant here in my city
8::How much time do you spare for your blogging?

Almost all of it 😃
9::what aspect of blogging do you like most?

I just enjoy writing and pouring my heart on a blank word document 
10::which aspect of blogging do you feel bad ?

I think Ive started to become obsessed with plus its quite time consuming. I tend to give it preference over my sleep and rest , which is bad
11::Do you think of blogging as a hobby or a career?

Definitely a hobby
12::what was Your family response when you start your blog?

There are pretty appreciative of it. Happy that I have something to keep myself busy.


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