Food Blogging journey of Aini Amin

As my blog readers know about me Afreen Zia ,,,I am a huge fan of making good and new dishes .During my food blogging journey I have come to know about many food bloggers and I like their blogs…Aini Amin is also a Pakistani food blogger living in UK…I like her blog funcooking…

Let’s talk with Aini…

1::Tell us about yourself…

Hi I am Aini Amin , House wife, mother of 2 and a food blogger. I am basically from Pakistan currently living in UK.

2::Why and when did you start blogging?

Cooking is my passion and I started cooking when I was 10, 2 years back in 2014 September I made a FACEBOOK page for my daily dishes “Fun Cooking”, the thought was I will share whatever I cook daily for my family and friends. When I posted 3 recipes with pictures there and my husband who is a website designer saw that, he made a website for me “” and gave me that as a gift 😊 so that’s how it started.

3::Tell us about the layout and design of your blog?

My blog is based on wordpress platform. As far as layout is concerned I always try to make sure it looks great on mobiles as 90% of my visitors use high-end mobile devices. I also make sure that my blog is optimized for speed.

4::Do you have any relation to Pakistan?

I am actually Pakistani, born there, studied there and married there.

5::Discus about your photography skills?

As far as photography concerns, I learn it only after I started this blog. So when I started this blog I take pictures with my mobile and obviously they were not that wow but then again(a big support) my husband bought me a DSLR 3200 Camera and I after that I improve a lot but I am still learning photography. I learned Photoshop and movie editing back in 2006-2007 and now while running a food blog it helps me a lot, making logo, flyers, for my Website and also for watermarks on pictures and sometimes editing. So it’s a big advantage for me.

6::Your Hobbies

Just 1 hobby and that’s cooking. More than a hobby it’s my passion. I spent most of my time reading books about cooking watching cooking shows and then experimenting in my kitchen, making a recipe lot of times until I get it perfect .So practice practice and practice that’s my key of making perfect recipes.

7::your favourite cuisine

Of course Pakistani/Indian cuisine is my first favourite, because firstly I am Pakistani and secondly my husband loves to eat desi food. So making it perfect with flavor and verity is my top priority. I also love making and eating Chinese cuisine.

8::How much time do you spare for your blogging

In start I gave my blog just 2-3 hours a day but now I give it 7-8 hours daily. Every day making a new dish, uploading recipes, answering questions, helping each and every person who comes to me about cooking queries. I also give live cooking lessons every week on my facebook group, and also working on my websites SEO. So a lot to do 😊.

9::what aspect of blogging do you like most

The best part is your fans, when they appreciate, give you blessings, love you like anything. My top aim for running this website is teaching everyone cooking in easy and perfect ways so everyone can cook perfect and make their families happy. The happiest moment for me when fans told me they made my dish and it turned out amazing, and everyone in their family loved it.

It feels wonderful making everyone happy and it’s just a game of 1 perfect dish 😊.

10::which aspect of blogging do you feel bad

The biggest aspect for which I feel bad that most of the people don’t know what actually food blogging is. They think it’s a time pass for boredom but actually it takes a lot of effort and time especially when you live abroad where you do not have any help, you have to do each and every thing by yourself. So awareness is necessary.

11::Do you think of blogging as a hobby or a career

I think it’s my career now. So working hard on my Website. And 1st goal is putting 1000+ tried and tested recipes in it with step by step picture descriptions.

12::what was your family response when you start your blog

All of them like my cooking and love to eat them but they didn’t have any idea about food blogging so they were like what is she doing 😊. Why is she cooking with scratch when there is readymade spice mixes available and why is she making this dish at home when Its available in very cheap prices in markets. Why is she posting nonstop posts of her cooking .

Just a few one supported me a lot, always appreciates me told me you are doing it great.

So in beginning it was not good 😊 But now all of my family are proud of my blog and follow it, want to cook just like me, trust my recipes, try them and give me amazing feedbacks 😊.

13::::Your favourite posts from your blog…

These are my favourite posts of my blog.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. sana says:

    Nice.i like you.
    Have you any job in your uk restaurant.i am from Pakistan.I want job in restaurant with you.I need it.


    1. afreenzia says:

      Sana ,,,I think Aini Amin has not been logged in to follow the comments posted can inbox on her Facebook account.


  2. Bilqees says:

    Wish you fantastic journey for the restaurant….when I will visit u k i will definately come to meet you


  3. sman says:

    Inspired and it’s amezing wording of an amezing lady.
    May Allah bless Ainni and
    Her family Always.


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