Guest post..french custard 

Guest post by SAIMA SHAHEEN ,,,,,,French Custard

Today I am posting guest post of Saima Shaheen who is the winner of sweet dish competition held on my facebook group Afreen’s Pakistani forum…..
.French Custard….


For caramel

Melt some sugar in pan ….than add some almonds after 3 minutes…remove from heat ….spread it on some plain plate…let it cool then crush it …set aside.

For custard

Take half kg milk, add half cup sugar,3tbs. Corn flour, 3eggs yolk only yolks not egg whites….vanilla essaence one teaspoon…mix it, cook it …when u get custard consistency…remove from heat….let it cool completely….beat 3 eggs white with beater till  becomes stiff….when u turn ur egg white bowl after beating ,the eggs white shouldn’t fall.beat one cup cream with sugar…


Now take serving bowl ,pour custard then add some almond caramel…then cream…then place eggs white over cream…just like picture…sprinkle remaining almond caramel….served chilled.



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