Makai ki roti aur Sarsoon ka saag

Sarson ka saag
Spinach 1 kg (roughly chop)
Sarsoon ka saag 1 kg (rough chopped)

Bathwa leaves

Onion 1 (sliced )
Ginger paste 2 tbsp
salt 1 tsp

Red chilli pwd 1tsp

Turmeric pwd 1/2 tsp

Green chillies 8 chopped

Butter 2 tbsp

oil 4 tbsp
Whole red chillies 4
Tomatoes chopped 4

Dried Fenugreek leaves ( kasoori meethi)1 tbsp


Heat oil in a pan.Add butter and Saute onion ;fry ginger paste then fry red chillies,Bathwa , spinach and Sarsoon ka saag .Now add green chillies;salt;red chilli pwd ;turmeric ,tomatoes and cook till all water release from veggies dries.Now add fenugreek leaves..Mix well and turn off the flame.

Makai ki roti

This article deals with preparation of Makki ki roti, a chapatti made from maize flour which the Punjabis usually relish with Sarson ka saag especially during the winter season. Makki ki roti or ‘Makki di roti’ in Punjabi and Sarson ka saag is a very popularly known Punjabi dish now famous all over the world. The roti can be made either from maize flour without mixing any other ingredients in it or it can be made by mixing with finely chopped fenugreek leaves ,but I use fenugreek leaves in Sarsoon ka saag..


Maize  flour 2 cup

Wheat flour 2 tbsp

Oil / clarified butter for fry

Salt 1 teaspoon

Luke warm water

Cooking Directions

Take a bowl and put wheat flour and (makai ka aata)maize flour in it.

Now add salt,2 tsp clarified butter and Luke warm water (as you required) to knead it to make not use hot water…

Now make medium balls from dough.

Roll into chapattis on a rolling board.

Pour some clarified butter or oil on tawa put roti.

Roast both the side of it and serve it.

You can put clarified butter on top while serving…


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