thai soup with corn

thai soup with corn 


Chicken  (boneless) 80 gm

Curry leaves 10

Cornflour 3tbsp (mixed with a little water)

Dry red chillies 4

Lemon juice 1 tsp

Green chillies 2

Black pepper 1/2 tsp

White pepper a pinch

Salt 2tsp

Oil 1 tbsp

Ginger 1 tbsp

Chicken stock 4 cups

Boiled Corn 1/2 cup (coarsly crushed, not fully blended)

Egg  1 beaten

Cooking Directions

Cut chicken in small cubes.

Pour oil in a pan.

Add curry leaves and ginger.

Also add chicken to it and cook till color changes.

Add chicken stock to it.

Then add corn,red chillies,green chillies, black pepper, white pepper and salt to taste.
Mix and let it boil. 

 When soup starts to boil, add in cornflour while stirring slowly and continously.Finish with lemon juice and take it off the flame.

Remove curry leaves and chillies  before serving.

Add beaten egg and stir .

  Serve hot and sprinkle with fried rice.



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