Eggless cookies (Naan khatai)baked without oven

naan khatai(eggless cookies)

these are baked in my home made stone oven.this recipe also works for pressure cooker.


flour 1 cup

clarified butter( banaspati  ghee) 1/2 cup

castor sugar 3/4 cup

baking powder 1 n 1/4 tablespoon

fine chopped almonds

1 beaten egg for brushing


Take a bowl ,put sugar and ghee and mix well with whisk.add flour and baking powder.rub with hands and make a dough.don’t over mix.

keep the dough in refrigerator for 30 minutes to give some rest.

How to make stone oven.

Make a layer of stones into a big pot.


Cover the lid and put some weight.Preheat stone oven for 20 minutes.



These cookies can be bake in pateela (pot).put a wire rack or inverted steel bowl in a big pot..cover the lid and pre heat the bake egg less cookies 10 minutes on medium high heat and further 5 to 10 minutes on medium low heat..time varies according to your stove.


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