Green garlic pickle 

Green garlic/Hara Lehsun

When Spring has sprung green garlic is Picked before the bulb is fully mature, green garlic resembles a large scallion, with a small white base and a dark green stalk. The green garlic season is short (only a few weeks), so make sure you pick a bunch up when you see it, to enjoy the mild, slightly sweet baby garlic stalks.

It has same health benefits as regular garlic.

It is rich in iron

It is good for heart.

It is antibiotic 

It boost immune system.

It fights gastro intestinal functions.

You can stir it in homemade salad dressings or add in mince meat or make some pickle to get its amazing health benefits.

 green garlic pickle


 2 bunches of green garlic  /Hara Lehsun.    1/2 kg (wash and dry with paper towel)

Green chillies 30 roughly chopped(wash and dry with paper towel)

 1/4 cup oil
Dil (soya leaves) 2 tbsp wash and dry with paper towel    chopped

Khatai pwd 3 tbsp

salt  1 tsp

Heat a frying pan and dry roast cumin 1 /2 tbspkalonji 1 /2 tbsp,fennel seed (saunf )1 /2 tbsp,fenugreek seed( meethi Dana)1 /2 tbsp,and grind them in coffee grinder to make powder.


Take out bulbs of garlic from green garlic and  roughly chopped its leaves.grind bulbs of garlic with some oil.Heat frying pan and turn off the flame then add green chillies,green garlic leaves,and dil(soya leaves).continuously stir .Then add garlic paste; khatai powder ; grinded Masala powder ; and 1 cup oil mix well .remember the flame is off because you don’t have to cook it.just mix it in a hot pan.keep it in dry glass jar . 


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