murgh musallum

Chicken stream roast  (murgh musallum)                  


  .. onion.  2 medium          

Ginger.  1inch piece sliced

Garlic. 2 tbsp

 Oil half cup for cooking

Oil for deep fying

Yougurt.  1 cup

raw papaya grinded 1 tbsp

 whole red chilli 13

Peanuts  1 tbsp

 roasted cumin pwd1 tsp

garam Masala pwd1 tsp

salt 2 tsp

 1 whole chicken weight 1 to 1.5 kg


Heat oil in a pan.fry onion till golden brown.

  then fry ginger and garlic till golden.

  take out from oil.

Now fry red chillies and peanuts

blend onion ginger garlic red chilli and peanuts with yougurt.add remaining ingredients in this mixture and also add 1/2 cup oil.marinate chicken with this blended mixture for 30 minutes.

In a big pot Cook chicken on low flame for 20 minutes .

then fry well till all water comes from chicken, dries out.

Put a piece of burning coal for smoke.decorate with boiled eggs and almonds.



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